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Advantius Attorneys:

  • Founded in 1997
  • Based in Kortrijk
  • Five lawyers
  • Experience in a large number of areas
  • Mainly operational in West and East Flanders


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Advantius Attorneys was founded by Mr. Dimitri Vantomme.

Mr. Vantomme started the office in 1997 in Wevelgem. It is now located in the centre of Kortrijk, right in front of the new courthouse.

Mr. Vantomme started the office originally as a one-man practice, but throughout the years he surrounded himself with a team of very competent lawyers with expertise and experience in various legal domains.


Every lawyer in our office has a passion for law and justice.

There is a reason the lawyer's oath reads : "I swear (...) not to act on matters that I consider not to be just in good conscience."

We will therefore not do anything that is legally impossible or ethically indefensible.

Thus, the best interests of the child are paramount in every family case. If a client asks for completely unrealistic custody or living arrangements purely for financial reasons, we will refuse.

Neither will we initiate proceedings or take cases to court if we know that it is legally impossible. We do not jeopardize our credibility with the judge (and the money of  a client) when doing so is irresponsible.

We can only help a client if he trusts our advice.

Although we always try to go to great lengths for our clients, we never do so at the expense of our own principles and values.

Dimitri Vantomme

Multidisciplinary office

The office is a multidisciplinary 'all-round' office. Every lawyer in the office works in the areas of law that practically every person will have to deal with sooner or later in life.

Because each lawyer also has his or her own specialisation, the office is both 'all-round' and specialized.

We are a familiar face at the court house, but we assist our clients just as easily during police interrogations or meetings at the notary.

For us, a procedure is a means, not an end in itself. If the opportunity presents itself, we will always try to reach a solution amicably or through mediation.

Our lawyers are, amongst other things, active in family law, criminal law, liability law, corporate law, tenancy law, social law and immigration law.

For more information about the areas of law in which we are active, click here.

The team of Advantius
The team of Advantius
Expertise and experience in a wide range of areas
Expertise and experience in a wide range of areas
Criminal law - Family Law - Contract Law - Tenancy Law - Traffic Law - Torts Law - Migration Law - ...
Feminine power at Advantius
Feminine power at Advantius
Stéphane Heusequin - Dimitri Vantomme
Stéphane Heusequin - Dimitri Vantomme
The administrative team
The administrative team
They make sure the office runs properly every day.

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