Stéphanie Debeaussaert

Stéphanie Debeaussaert


  • Lawyer since 2019
  • Certified 'Salduz' attorney (assistance during police interrogations)

Stéphanie graduated cum laude as a Master-at-Law in 2018.

She studied at the Royal University of Leuven, where she mainly focused on criminal law and international law.

After obtaining her Master's degree in Law, Stéphanie Debeaussaert supplemented her studies with a specialized post-Master's degree 'Intellectual Property and IT law' in Brussels.

Legal domains:

Stéphanie Debeaussaert practices all general branches of law at the office.

Nonetheless, she has a special interest in criminal law. Thus, together with Dimitri Vantomme, she takes care of most of the criminal law cases within the office.


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Stéphanie Debeaussaert

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