Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

Consultations always take place by appointment. You can make an appointment by telephone on 056 336 335. We strive to give people an appointment within seven days.

Can I get advice over the phone?

No. We must first have a complete understanding of your situation in order to be able to provide informed and high-quality advice. That is impossible over the phone. So, to get advice, you just make an appointment at our office.

If we are already aware of your case and you have a specific question, you should preferably ask it by email (unless it is urgent).

How much does a lawyer cost?

You can read about our fees on this page.

What if I can't afford a lawyer?

If you meet the conditions, we can provide pro deo assistance (free legal aid) to you.

Do I also have to pay if I lose the case?

Yes (unless you have been granted pro deo assistance).

It is even deontologically forbidden for a lawyer to let his fees depend solely on the outcome of a case. A client pays for our assistance, not for a specific result. Of course we give advice about your chances of success, but no (honest) lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a procedure.

Why have I not yet received an answer to my e-mail, letter, ...?

We strive to answer letters or e-mails as quickly as possible, if possible the same day and at the latest within a week after receipt.

We have to process a large amount of correspondence on a daily basis. That is why we ask for your understanding if you do not receive an immediate answer.

If you still haven't received an answer within the week, something may have gone wrong. Please feel free to email us again or give us a call.

Is the answer to your question not listed here?

Please feel free to contact us.


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