Which kind of cases do we treat?

Below you can find a general overview of the legal domains in which we are mainly (but not exclusively) operational.

Family and persons law

Criminal law

  • Assistance at Family Court / Juvenile Court

  • Divorce, termination of legal cohabitation or de facto cohabitation

  • Measures regarding children: parental authority, residence scheme ('custody'), financial scheme (maintenance, special costs, Growth Package, ...)

  • Parentage right (refusal to recognize a child, establishment of a paternity bond, destruction of a parentage bond, etc.)

  • Divission of assets: division of a common home or business, forced public sale, division of funds, ...

  • Family migration law (recognition of a marriage certificate in Belgium, correction of a birth certificate, change of family name, …).

Tenancy law

  • Assistance to tenants and landlords in rental disputes (poor state of the rental home, rental damage, rent arrears, termination of lease, eviction...)

  • Both residential rent and commercial rent

Contracts and bills

  • Help drafting your contracts or general terms and conditions

  • Assistance in contractual disputes (sale and purchase, contracting, construction, rent, mandates...)

  • Collection of unpaid invoices

Social law

  • Labor law

  • Social security law

  • Disputes regarding decisions about incapacity for work or invalidity

  • Assistance in proceedings (refusal to grant benefits, recovery of benefits already paid, social criminal law, ...)


  • Negotiation and mediation

  • Drafting a settlement

  • Divorce by Consent ('EOT')

  • Parental Agreements

  • Reconciliation sessions at court

  • General assistance to victims and suspects of crime

  • Defense and representation of suspects during proceedings before the criminal court (or the Juvenile Court for minors)

  • Assistance during interrogations

  • Assistance to convicts during sentence execution (electronic surveillance, conditional release, etc.)

  • Assistance to victims in obtaining compensation, through the court or through the 'Victim's Fund'

Torts and accountability

  • Assistance in obtaining compensation, both civil and criminal, both contractual and non-contractual

  • Defense against damage claims


  • Assistance and defense against claims

  • Assistance and defense against execution or confiscation

  • Help applying for debt mediation

Traffic law

  • Assistance to suspects and victims of traffic violations

  • Assistance in proceedings before the police court (civil and criminal)


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