Our fee rates

"And how much will that cost?"

Even though it is often impossible to 'predict' how much work a case is going to take, a client always has the right to know where he stands financially.


A consultation for non-binding advice (without starting a case file) costs 72,60 euros (60 euros + 21% VAT).

You can pay in cash at the office or in advance by bank transfer.

If you decide you want to start a case file, then an hourly rate will be applied (read below).

Hourly rates

Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to agree on a fixed fee. Our work depends too much on external factors for that: the opposing party, the opposing party's lawyer, the judge and, of course, the client himself.

In these cases, we calculate our fees based on an hourly rate. That is the price for each hour worked in your file.

  • Our fee rate is 125 euros per hour excluding VAT (annual indexation from 2018).

  • We will always ask for a retainer (advance) before starting to work. The amount of this retainer depends on the nature of the case and any legal costs that we will advance for you. In most cases, the retainer fluctuates between 250 and 750 euros. The amount of the retainer will be clearly communicated from the first consultation. 

  • Whenever a significant amount of work has been done in your file (drawing up a subpoena, pleading at a hearing, ...), an interim invoice will be drawn up. The retainer you paid will of course be deducted from the first interim invoice. Every invoice you receive from us contains a detailed overview of the work and services being charged.

  • When a case file is finally completed, a final invoice will be drawn up.

At our office, you will - in principle - not be confronted with a large invoice that must be paid at once. By working with interim invoices, we always try to keep payments as bearable as possible.

Because you also receive a detailed overview of the work that has been billed with each invoice, you also know exactly how our fee was calculated and what you are paying for.


In addition to the fee, we (solely) charge the following costs (VAT excl.):

  • 22,5% on the fee (this is a flat-rate contribution that each client pays for the fixed costs of the office - e.g. infrastructure, utilities, software, internet, telephony, etc.)
  • Travel costs: 0,90 euros / km

You will therefore not find any other separate costs charged in your invoice, such as for post or emails, printed pages, copies, file creation, etc...

We feel this flat rate system is simpler, more transparent and less arbitrary.

General conditions

We explicitly refer to our general terms and conditions for all other information related to the budget, fees, costs, the consequences of non-payment, etc.

And what if I can't afford a lawyer... ?

We are aware that paying a lawyer is not simple for everyone.

For this reason, the lawyers at our office also work in pro deo / pro bono (free of charge), for people who cannot afford a lawyer.

For pro deo assistance, you must first submit an application. We do not decide on the admission ourselves, but we will help you with the application process.

Read more about pro deo assistance here.


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