Service guarantees


Advantius offers its clients the following service guarantees, with which we profile ourselves as a customer-friendly office:

1. Always stay informed. Whatever comes in, whatever leaves us: the client is always notified.

We strive to keep every client all the time informed about the current state of affairs. 

2. If nothing seems to be happening in your file for a while, for example due to inactivity of the counterparty, you can of course always contact us to discuss possible further steps.

3. We keep track of all our performances, so that with every invoice you can always see in detail what we have done and how much time we have spent on it.

4. Moreover, we do not wait months or years before issuing an invoice: whenever a work of any size has been delivered, we make the effort to prepare an interim invoice.

With this we keep everything affordable for the client and we ensure that everything is verifiable.

We want no doubts about our invoices and do everything we can to be as transparent as possible!

5. Finally, at a limited administration cost, we provide the option to pay off our invoices within a reasonable period of time if it should ever be difficult.

Communication between lawyer and client is of great importance to us and we are always reasonable when it comes to the payment of our invoices.


Advantius wants to provide clients with an optimal ease and satisfaction through the service guarantees mentioned above.

We understand that people who call on a lawyer often don't find themselves in an easy or pleasant situation, and therefore we do our ultimate best to at least keep the cooperation with the lawyer as pleasant as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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