Yekaterina Ugryoumova

Yekaterina Ugryoumova


At the office since 2019

Yekaterina obtained her Bachelor's degree in 'Management Assistant' at Vives Hogeschool in Kortrijk.

During her education, she did an internship at the Leopold Hotel in Brussels.

After her studies, Yekaterina joined the Advantius office in 2019 as an administrative assistant. As the receptionist of the office, she also is 'the face' of Advantius.


In addition to general administration tasks, Yekaterina is also the one responsible for applying for 'pro deo' assistance for clients who do not have sufficient financial means to pay a lawyer.


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- Tel: 056 336 335

Yekaterina Ugryoumova

8500 Kortrijk

Beheerstraat 44

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